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Sales Leaders

Whether you are using a CRM system like Salesforce® or not, you should know it is not as simple as it first might seem to fully configure a CRM to match your organization’s internal and external processes.  Without the direction and advisement from a capable certified consulting advisor to innovate your Sales Cloud, you risk wasting your valuable time and efforts on the technologies rather than focusing on your team and most importantly your business.  CRM Evangelist is ready to take your business to the next level by fully understanding your sales processes, making recommendations for your CRM implementation based on best practices, then implementing what you decide is best for your Sales Team thus enabling them to generate more revenue for your business.


lead-managementLEAD MANAGEMENT
Get all the details on your team’s deals — stage, products, competition, quotes, and more. See where leads come from and stay connected to the people and information you need to nurture prospects.  Make smarter decisions about where to invest time and by determining ROI of prospecting and lead generation activities.



Inside Sales RepINSIDE SALES

Give inside sales teams an experience that matches how they work, and they’ll work smarter, faster. Now reps can see sales intelligence, detailed company info, and multiple leads on a single screen, so they’ll build pipeline and grow deals faster.



Enable your CRM for mobility providing easy access from anywhere across any brand device — effectively turning your mobile device into a portable sales office. You can log calls, respond to hot leads, work opportunities, or check dashboards no matter where you are. We also have expertise in creating custom mobile apps should you need a proprietary solution.

Visibility to RevenueVISIBILITY TO REVENUE

Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions. Dashboards offer a real-time picture of your business at a glance. Dig deeper with reports that anyone can create including views into your team’s individual and rolled-up forecasts.  And use enterprise analytics to report on sales, service, custom apps, and third-party data.



A CRM system should map to your business processes — not the other way around. Let CRM Evangelist recommend “best practices” to optimize your existing processes then implement those sales and forecasting processes to drive process, productivity, and consistency, aligned with how you work for success.


Tap into the wisdom of your employee social network. Get the resources you need to close more deals, faster. Find experts, access competitive information, and track deals.  Keep up with your critical projects, topics, and teams. Work together on sales opportunities and marketing campaigns. Capture organizational knowledge in a single repository.



CRM Selection

The typical business leader on average rolls out one or two Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations during their entire career.  CRM Evangelist LLC, has done it hundreds of times.  So when it comes to selecting and implementing CRM, save time and money by requesting our services.  Relax and rest assured you will get a perfect fit with certified professionals on your side.

The CRM Buyer Advocacy™ service helps you better articulate your business processes and requirements, evaluate relevant technologies, negotiate with vendors, and lay the groundwork for a best practices implementation.

And best of all  ̶  it is all available at no cost to you!

Just like a real estate agent that helps you find your dream home or ideal office, the CRM Buyer Advocacy™ service guides you to the best CRM decisions for your company.  Thus enabling you to focus on your business.

CRM Buyer Advocacy Services

How?   Using a practical and proven methodology, the CRM Evangelist team facilitates step-by-step processes for CRM planning and decision making.  Resulting in a solid foundation for a best practices implementation.

Ask us for a program overview, eligibility requirements, and a CRM Buyer Advocacy agreement

The CRM Buyer Advocacy™ service includes:

  • Defining high-level CRM business and functional requirements with key stakeholders
  • Identifying suitable CRM technologies and organizing your evaluation process
  • Evaluating CRM vendor presentations and demonstrations while helping you ask the right questions
  • Negotiating with your preferred CRM vendor for optimal purchase power and favorable terms
  • Transitioning your project into a best practice with a phased implementation plan

CRM Implementation

Would you venture on a river rafting expedition without an expert tour guide? . . . Neither would we.

Facilitate your CRM implementation with an expert tour guide who knows where the rocks and waterfalls lie. Save money, time, and sleepless nights with our proven methodology, templates, and expertise. How? Begin with a Design Workshop. Map your processes into CRM. Provide training and documentation to your sales team. Get the job done so you can take care of your customers.
Here are the steps in a little more detail:


Design Workshop

Design Discussion

Business processes are the tried and true methods that your company has developed to make itself successful. Any CRM solution needs to build upon these processes if it is to be successful at your company. With the help of a professional process engineer, your business processes can be mapped quickly and easily in as little as a day. At the end of the process, not only will you have a method to map your business processes to your CRM solution. And you will also have tools to facilitate training of your sales teams on how your company does business.

Application Configuration

Once your business processes are mapped, our systems engineers configure your CRM system to support your business processes, helping to ensure that your sales team can get up and running quickly on processes that should already be very familiar to them.

Ensuring a smooth transition to a CRM solution means making sure your company’s data is ready to move into the new system. Whether migrating data from an existing set of databases or bringing in new data purchased from a third party provider, we provide a range of data management services from basic imports using wizards to complex data de-duping and enrichment using third party tools.

Data Migration

Initial data import from existing contact management systems like ACT! and Goldmine, or even from various databases or excel spreadsheets. CRM Evangelist helps you to define a plan for getting that critical information into your new CRM application. This includes documenting the source and target mapping as well as loading the data and then validating the data once in your CRM.

De-duplication services are a critical component to data management. The integrity of your data will instill trust in your users and provide an accurate view into your business results.

Training & Performance

Your company has specific business processes and needs that require a training solution customized to your business. We can help you to develop customized instruction and simulations to train your employees to your specific business goals. And measure the completion and effectiveness of both the training and your project goals.

Professional development, training, and documentation services can go a long way to helping to provide a smooth transition to a new business process for your company, but in the end, we are there to provide the support you need when you take your new system live or make the switch to a Salesforce.com solution.

Documentation Service

All or our customized solutions can be delivered with professional documentation to the level you specify. Whether you need a quick reference card or an in-depth user’s manual, we can provide the documentation staff to write your documentation.

Administrator and End-User Training Programs

Tailored to meet your administrative or end-user needs, we provide training programs designed around your application configuration and business processes. We understand that training is a critical component to end-user adoption. Our certified trainers will provide a training plan and curriculum, as well as provide on-site or web-based training.


CRM Optimization


Typical CRM adoption curve

Phase 1: High-energy start

Phase 2: Attention diverted

Phase 3: Neglect

Desired CRM adoption

Phase 1: High-energy start

Phase 2: Consistent, small, iterative improvements

Phase 3: Performance dashboards, business leader collaboration, processes embedded in salesforce.com

Who benefits from CRM Peak Performance?

Companies that find value in this program:

  • Experience low user adoption and frequent user complaints
  • Need to avoid adding new headcount to support salesforce.com
  • Perform significant manipulation of data in spreadsheets instead of automated reporting
  • Have changed processes, people, KPI goals, sales quotas, reporting and other, perhaps significantly, since the initial implementation of salesforce.com
  • Are staffed for data maintenance, not performance tuning
  • Cannot keep up with the need for salesforce.com configuration changes
  • Need to, but cannot take advantage of salesforce.com new feature upgrades

How does the program work?

CRM Evangelist has developed a flexible 10-point methodology for managing change in salesforce.com. Rooted in our experience with hundreds of implementations, but customized for your particular business, CPP delivers low-risk, constant, incremental improvements. Your CRM Evangelist will spend time with you and your team throughout the year to assess changing needs and update your salesforce.com instance. Together, we will ensure that salesforce.com continues to deliver the agility, productivity, and relevance you need.

What is the timeline? What are the deliverables?

Deliverables occur throughout the year and include:

  • Ongoing configuration updates to your salesforce.com installation
  • Report and dashboard creation
  • Data quality analysis and reporting
  • Business process analysis
  • User feedback monitoring and analysis
  • Custom analysis of the latest salesforce.com upgrades, AppExchange applications, and which ones enable progress on your business roadmap
  • “Tips and tricks” workshops addressing your users’ questions

And much more, based on your situation and our team of experts.



Service Leaders

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to decide whether a customer service implementation like the Salesforce® Service Cloud™ is right for your business or whether you are experiencing the pain of optimizing your existing system, CRM Evangelist can help rescue you and your business. After speaking with a Salesforce® Service Cloud™ certified Consultant from CRM Evangelist, you may find that not only can you optimize your contact center to make your agents more effective but additionally partner/customer communities coupled with product knowledge bases can alleviate the load on your existing team. Our technology partner, Lymba, takes customer servicing one step further by providing automated intelligent email response enabling your business to function with even less agents and minimal overhead.

Engage with your customers when and where they are. Deliver service across every channel, over any device. Empower your customers with communities. Track key contact center metrics in real-time.


Service Cloud Communities allow customers to help themselves and each other. Wherever they are and whatever device they are on, communities give them the tools for self-service troubleshooting.


Social Service
Deliver service to your customers on the social media channels where they live, on whatever device they are using. Give your agents the tools for collaboration that allow them to deliver outstanding customer service.


Manage Service Cloud cases from anywhere with the Salesforce1 Platform — the fastest, smartest platform for customer service.


With Service Cloud, you can manage all of your cases faster, in a unified agent experience. And the Salesforce1 Platform makes the console really sing — on your desktop and mobile devices.


Multi-channel customer service is a whole new ballgame. With connected objects and predictive intelligence, Service Cloud gives you the power to provide the customer service of the future. Now.


Agent Collaboration
With Chatter, agents can quickly escalate cases to experts to close cases faster. Your Chatter feed is integrated into the Salesforce Service Cloud console for a truly unified experience, whether at your desktop or on a mobile device.


Quickly search your knowledge base for relevant answers. Or make it easy for customers to do it themselves. Either way, your customers get the answers they need, exactly the way they want to get them.

Marketing Leaders

You already know the advantages of using Sales Force Automation. But what to do about marketing? It is a common oversight of company management to treat marketing separate from sales. To make things worse, both areas of concern are often staffed by different people and over time the two departments may find themselves diverging rather than converging together on their primary objective of increasing company revenues. Incorporating proven technologies like marketing automation to align sales processes with marketing processes helps to mitigate any possible divergence. The Salesforce® CRM platform supports the concept of simple campaigns and is adequate for managing offline promotions such as seminars, tradeshows, and conferences. However, the Salesforce® CRM falls short in support of online promotional activities such as webinars, website tracking, targeted email marketing, and gated marketing collateral. Any business that is not fully engaged in the online marketing venues available through the Internet will fail to beat their competition. Thus online digital marketing is imperative to success. So how best to manage it? The answer is the same as for your sales activities: through proper application of automation technologies and alignment of processes.

Sales and Marketing Alignment


Alignment of marketing and sales processes

Streamline your marketing and sales efforts into one fluid process for driving revenue performance. Integrate Customer Relationship Management with a modern Marketing Automation System.  The experts at CRM Evangelist innovate your organization by matching technology with process to deliver.

Sales team

  • Prioritize your time with higher quality leads
  • Nurture leads that aren’t yet sales ready
  • Deliver a compelling value proposition
  • Enable visibility into your prospects’ digital buying behaviors

Marketing team

  • Develop a closed loop reporting of revenue performance
  • Ensure a quality engagement of your leads by sales
  • Transparency into your end-to-end processes
  • Maximize the ROI of your marketing spend

Marketing Automation

Announced by salesforce.com® early in 2013, the technology of Pardot™ marketing automation was added as a critical component to their Marketing Cloud™. Pardot™ and Salesforce® CRM are complementary tools that reach their full potential when paired together. When integrated with Salesforce®, Pardot™ can unlock much of the key functionality that top-performing sales and marketing teams now rely on, helping to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, provide greater insight into campaign performance, jumpstart lead generation efforts, and positively impact ROI. If your business has its CRM optimized and sales team fully engaged, then the next logical step may well be to increase your number of qualified leads. One of the most cost-effective approaches is through adoption of a marketing automation platform like Pardot™ that seamlessly integrates with the Salesforce® CRM. Marketing automation platforms and CRM systems can translate into real advantages for companies who use both to complement one another. However, getting the technology platforms setup, integrated, and initiated are often the most troublesome challenges before realizing an increase in qualified business leads ultimately generating more revenues.

Marketing Automation consultation from CRM Evangelist is what you need if your company is asking questions like:

  1. How much money did we make from that campaign?
  2. When do we know whether a lead is sales-ready and qualified?
  3. Did any of our leads visit our website and what pages did they view?
  4. How do you tie online traffic and visitor conversions to opportunity pipeline and orders?
  5. What do we know about our buyer’s persona?
  6. Who has downloaded our latest white paper, product sheet, or success story?
  7. How can sales develop opportunities in today’s economy of information empowered buyers?


With a CRM integrated with marketing automation, tracking of the customer relationship from cradle to grave is possible.


Marketing Automation technology platforms

  • Pardot (acquired by salesforce.com®)
  • Marketo
  • Eloqua (acquired by Oracle)
  • Hubspot
  • Silverpop

Technology Leaders

With new technologies being introduced faster each year, you are key to helping your business incorporate the proven technologies as well as maintain your awareness of the leading edge advances to prepare for future adoption. To have the knowledge and experience of a team of forward-thinking experts like CRM Evangelist on your side is invaluable to you. CRM Evangelist keeps up with the latest bleeding edge nuances while maintaining a foundation of sound best practices. With well over 100 years of combined experience shared amongst the consultants of CRM Evangelist, we know the challenges inherent in generating significant revenues for a business. And most importantly, CRM Evangelist can help your organization adapt to future advances in technology through proper introduction and training.

Building and running applications and web sites with products like WebLogic, WebSphere and Microsoft .Net is far too slow, complicated and expensive. A new generation of cloud technology platforms have proven results. Force.com® is the leading cloud platform for business applications and web sites. Using force.com®, you can build and run your apps five times faster at about half the cost of traditional software approaches.

Need to Build a Custom Software Application for Your Business?

Our expert consultants will build solutions that support your business processes, including:

  • Develop your custom application using force.com platform tools quickly and cost-effectively
  • Integrate your cloud solutions with your current on-premise or appliance-based applications
  • Migrate your business processes to the cloud



Industry Verticals


Business Services

We help Business Service clients greatly improve operating efficiency and business performance while excelling at business critical functions. Our consultants combine broad industry experience and proprietary approaches to create significant value with our clients.  Go check out our online articles on Business Services.  CRM Evangelist focuses on aligning technology with business processes to innovate and deliver better sales performance, increased marketing reach, higher customer satisfaction, and significantly better revenues in the areas of:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Online Marketing Management
  • Integrated Management
  • Strategy and Execution
  • Operational Excellence
  • Customer Service



healthcare-cloudThe health care vertical segment, across all sizes of business, and across nearly all product groups, is fast becoming the most robust business vertical segment in U.S. business markets.  Demand for cloud computing services in particular has exploded, and we see nothing that would indicate that the trend won’t continue just as strong in the coming years.  CRM Evangelist is uniquely positioned to ensure Healthcare providers can grow their business while maintaining proper compliance with government regulations, specifically in the areas of Stark law .  We have successfully delivered a proprietary Salesforce® CRM implementation that tracks and reports on expenditures that are near or exceed the regulatory allowable amounts so that hospitals and other providers can be alerted to minimize their exposure to non-compliance penalties.  Go check out our online articles on Healthcare for information on:

  • HCP Relationship Management
  • Referral Management
  • Stark Compliance Management
  • Hospitals and Providers
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Pre-clinical and Clinical Research
  • Customer Service



Successful manufacturing companies are turning to CRM Evangelist for CRM solutions to accelerate their service delivery cycles, improve responsiveness and customer satisfaction, and better manage and control costs.  We currently work with a wide range of manufacturing organizations to provide implementations that improve their production operations, sales and marketing as well as after-market service and support processes. Find out today how CRM Evangelist’s customized, industry-specific mobile applications can help streamline your business process so you can increase efficiency while reducing costs.

CRM Evangelist delivers CRM business solutions designed to meet the needs of diverse manufacturing.  Go check out our online articles on Manufacturing for information about

  • ERP Integration
  • Quote and Proposal Automation
  • Demand and Supply Forecasting
  • Service Automation
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Forecasting
  • Supply Chain Management



About Us

CRM Evangelist partners with our clients to understand what components of their solution will drive immediate business value and how your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system should be deployed to maximize return on investment (ROI). Cloud-based solutions reduce the time, cost and effort associated with the implementation, but a clear vision is still instrumental in defining and measuring success.CRM Evangelist helps you realize the full potential of cloud computing by thinking strategically, deploying rapidly, and building user adoption. Our experts provide unrivaled cloud strategy, implementation and integration capabilities, having successfully worked with clients across nearly all industries. CRM Evangelist has helped businesses become more connected and collaborative, better manage their customer relationships, and streamline their IT processes.

Our commitments to our clients include:

  • Transparent, professional, honest, collaborative, and responsive communication
  • Present a “best value” solution within budgetary or ROI parameters
  • Leverage our experience and best practices so we don’t start from scratch
  • Provide superior IT expertise using demonstrated delivery methodologies
  • Deliver on our promised statement of work, cost and duration
  • Use flexible billing by hour or project and a clear change management process
  • Give clients visibility into work flow management and progress using online tools

Office locations

Dallas office - Headquarters

CRME OfficeIrving Corporate Park Place

Corporate Park Place
1333 Corporate Drive, Suite 213
Irving TX 75038

Phone: (214) 446-2080
Fax: (888) 219-6227



Atlanta office

3340 Peachtree Rd NE, Suite 750
Atlanta, GA 30326

Phone: (770) 648-2711
Fax: (888) 219-6227




The leadership team

CRM Evangelist, LLC is comprised of experienced business and technology professionals. Our combined years of experience spans over 100 years and converges on three domains of expertise: Sales & Marketing, Business Analysis, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Combining together these three domains of expertise offers an accelerated approach to building performance and quality in your sales, marketing, and service channels.

Raymon Howington - President and Chief Evangelist

For over 20 years, Mr. Howington has been evangelizing the application of technology to improve sales, marketing, and customer service in roles of User Advocate, CRM Expert, and Sales Executive. Previously, Raymon founded a successful CRM consulting firm (Redxlerant) achieving select partner status with Salesforce.com®, achieved President’s Circle for Pivotal™ CRM for 5 years, managed a CRM implementation team for IBM Global Services, and was nominated indirect salesperson of the year for business intelligence software publisher Business Objects (later acquired by SAP). Early CRM success found Raymon at Contact Software, the original ACT! software publisher. Seeding the early incarnations of what was to become CRM, he sold the very first ACT! for Windows license in 1992. And subsequently implemented the original ACT! Certified Consultant partner program.

Raymon is married with children and enjoys his home on Joe Pool Lake in Dallas, Texas. He is an active volunteer and sponsor for the Junior Achievement Association for which he owes his gratitude for the two college scholarships he was awarded in 1987. One of his favorite pastimes is scuba diving and is a PADI certified Scuba Instructor.

Lori Gordon - Vice President of Service Cloud

Being fluent in Spanish combined with her over 30 years in the industry has served Ms. Gordon well in the areas of project management, full software development lifecycle (SDLC), functional specifications, quality control, system and integration testing, infrastructure/business analysis, and process development. She has earned her mini-MBA at Southern Methodist University as well as certifications in Salesforce.com® Administrator, Force.com® Developer and the Service Cloud™.

Lori is married and in her spare time enjoys scuba diving, flyboarding, and industrial welding at her farm located in far Northeast Dallas.

Thomas Harpointner - Chief Digital Creative Strategist

Being a published author and sought-after speaker, Mr. Harpointner has been featured in the global press and news media for his unique digital marketing insights. He’s known for developing innovative digital strategies for top companies, brands and organizations.  Raymon first met Tom in 1993 while serving on the Board of Directors for the Sales Automation Association.  At a time before pervasive use of the Internet, Raymon and Tom pioneered early technologies to advance the practices used by Sales & Marketing professionals.  And have since helped countless business leaders prosper with the ever changing landscape of Digital Marketing and CRM.

Tom lives in Atlanta and directs marketing engagements from our Eastern office.

Steven Johnson - Vice President of Operations

For the past 30 years, Mr. Johnson has contributed in technical and management roles to key industries including Telecommunications, Energy, Healthcare, and Insurance. Steven has led and worked on implementations, software and hardware product designs, process certification and improvements, and management renewal projects. These required the use of advanced project management, development methodologies and CRM platforms including Salesforce.com®, SAP, Siebel, Scopus, and SugarCRM. Mr. Johnson has broad experience in process & technology improvement in CRM, supply chain, product lifecycle management, custom software application design as well as sales and service operations. As a promoter of industry standards, he has successfully applied methodologies such as SEI CMM / Process Maturity Assessments, PMP project planning, ISO/QA audits and SDLC methodologies (waterfall, spiral, RAD). He has worked in cross functional teams from KPMG, Deloitte & Touche, RWD, Bellcore (Telcordia Technologies), EDS, Siebel Professional Services, CGE&Y, Astadia, and Redxlerant.

Steven holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification from the Project Management Institute, is a certified Force.com® Developer as well as completed administrator training from SugarCRM. Mr Johnson earned a degree in Computer Information Management from Shaftsbury University. He continues pursuing lifelong education including project management from UTD, e-commerce from SMU’s Engineering, management training from SMU’s Cox School of business, and process training from Carnegie Mellon University. Steven is married with four children and his favorite hobbies include folk art, haiku, harmonica or djembe, property improvements (buildings, ponds, miniature towns, paths, treehouses, labyrinths), psychology and spirituality studies.

Nick Latsos - Vice President of Sales Cloud

Mr. Latsos brings over 20 years of diverse sales, marketing and project management experience to the business. Early on, his experience in major account food service sales introduced Nick to the customer relationship management space. Later he served as Managing Partner for a startup where he sold the first Pivotal CRM licensed projects in the Midwest. Nick’s success is due to improving his client’s sales, marketing and service processes through implementation of a well-executed process-based CRM strategy. Strongly believing that the integration of business strategy, process and technology are key to achieving the highest level of performance by any organization, Nick also believes that any investment in CRM should have clearly defined benchmarks, metrics and have a continuous improvement strategy clearly defined before implementation begins.

Nick has been formally educated from Triton College and trained in sales strategies including Miller-Hieman, Target Account Selling, Strategic Mega Account Resource Teams (SMART), Franklin Covey’s Helping Clients Succeed and the Complex Sale. Some of his former clients include Motorola, DELL, AIG/ALICO, First of America Bank, iChat, 3M, Nokia, Bristol Myers Squibb and Baxter. Additionally, he holds certifications including Salesforce.com® Administrator. Nick lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, three children and two dogs. His favorite activities after work include hiking, karaoke, and music of all kinds. Greece is his favorite spot in Europe as he owns a house in a small village in that country, visits when he can, and speaks fluent Greek.

Swetha Mandadi - Senior Software Developer and Integrator

With over five years in her career, Ms. Mandadi has worked in various industries including Financial, Logistics, Energy, and Healthcare. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Swetha worked as a Java programmer in India and later moved to the United States as a CRM developer with experience in SDLC methodologies such as Agile, Rapid, and Waterfall. Some of her programming language expertise includes Java, DotNet, Visual studio, Oracle, Jquery, HTML5, Apex, and Visualforce. Object-oriented analysis, design, and programming are standard entrees on her ever-expanding menu of skills and capabilities. Having 4+ years on the Force.com platform, Ms. Mandadi has thorough knowledge and provides best practices of Salesforce.com® to her clients.

Swetha resides in the North Texas area and is currently certified as a Salesforce.com® Administrator and Force.com® Developer. She is married and enjoys spending any free time with her family.


Will Ward - Project Lead and Solution Architect

With nearly 20 years of experience, Mr. Ward innovates companies by creating and delivering custom solutions to solve complex business problems in the cloud. Will has extensive experience in three key areas: product/solution development, project management, and listening. His specialties include the Salesforce.com® platform, ecosystems, product development, price discovery, systems design, start-ups, schema design, SQL Server, DBAmp, technology, product innovation, healthcare, integration, price discovery, financial platforms and wealth management.

Will earned his Bachelors degree in Economics from the University of North Texas. During his off hours, you may find him volunteering at the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. He is a fan of science, an avid blender/juicer using Vitamix and advocates a daily regimen of Ashtanga Yoga.


AIS Media - Marketing Digital Agency Preferred Partner

During summer of 1997, Thomas Harpointner and his friend Ben, an IBM engineer, founded “Advanced Internet Solutions” from within a spare bedroom (with a computer on dial up modem). The mission was simple – “to help businesses leverage the power of digital marketing to drive revenue growth.”

AIS Media logo

Today, the focus of AIS Media essentially remains the same:  helping clients drive revenue and aligning strategy to digital marketing channels as well as optimizing conversions by reducing points of friction in the customer journey. AIS Media is proud about how far they’ve come and how many clients and people they’ve positively impacted along the way. But they are especially thrilled about where AIS Media is headed in the future.

Docusign® - Preferred eSignature Technology


“CRM Evangelist and DocuSign work together to help customers keep business digital from start to finish,” said Neil Hudspith, chief revenue officer, DocuSign. “By using DocuSign, the business benefits from a valuable solution to increase productivity, eliminate slow and wasteful paper-based processes, reduce costs, and delight customers.”  These benefits include:

By leveraging the DocuSign Cloud Partner Program, we can build solutions that:

  • Realize revenue faster – The signing process for contracts takes just minutes with DocuSign.
  • Improve sales rep productivity – With DocuSign, sales reps can focus on selling instead of moving paperwork.
  • Automate back-end document processing – By integrating with existing systems, DocuSign provides automated updates, eliminating the need for rekeying of data.
  • Enhance company reputation and service – DocuSigning offers customers, partners and vendors new convenience with the ability to sign anything, anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Save staff time and reduce operating costs – Because using DocuSign means less paper to process and data to update, companies save time and money.

InsideSales.com® - Inside Sales Revenue Acceleration Platform

Insidesales.com Parntership

With our focus on innovating sales and marketing performance with industry leading CRM technology and expert services, this is the next natural advancement in our business and yours.  Together, CRM Evangelist and InsideSales.com are helping customers accelerate revenue.

“Expanding the InsideSales.com Partner Program is an exciting growth opportunity for the company,” said Kevin White, Vice President of Alliances, InsideSales.com.  “CRM Evangelist has the right skills and experience to help companies benefit from the industry’s leading sales acceleration platform.  We are pleased to have them as a partner.”

Jitterbit® - Integration Preferred Platform

Over the past 10 years, the number of business applications and disparate data silos has proliferated.  As a result, integration is one the top priorities for businesses that are adopting this modern architecture comprised of Cloud, On-premise, Social, and Mobile applications.

Jitterbit solves this challenge with solutions that are easy to use, quick to deploy, and tailored for your organization’s unique needs.
Jitterbit logo

Company Facts

15,000+ Jitterbit users
99% customer satisfaction
Average deployment is less than 5 days
Headquartered in Oakland, CA founded 2004
Offices in Washington, Florida, London, and Malaysia


Pardot™ - Marketing Automation Preferred Platform

Founded in 2007, Pardot™ has gone from a bootstrapped startup to a leading B2B marketing automation provider and a part of salesforce.com. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Pardot has a growing client base of more than 1,500 organizations ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to divisions of large enterprise organizations. Additional Pardot team members are scattered across the globe in San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, London and Australia.

Pardot Logo

Pardot™ offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing automation application that allows marketing and sales departments to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns that increase revenue and maximize efficiency. Pardot features certified CRM integrations with salesforce.com, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and SugarCRM, empowering marketers with lead nurturing, lead scoring, and ROI reporting to generate and qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles, and demonstrate marketing accountability.

Salesforce.com® - Preferred CRM Platform

Salesforce Partner logo

Salesforce.com Inc. is a global cloud computing company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Though best known for its customer relationship management (CRM) product, Salesforce® has also expanded into both the “social enterprise” and “marketing automation” arenas through acquisitions. It is currently ranked the most innovative company in America by Forbes magazine, as well as number 7 in Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2014.


Looking to join a work environment that allows you to spread your wings and work on exciting innovative projects?  The CRM Evangelist Team needs individuals who fit our culture and support our company mission statement to deliver exception value to our clients.

About Our Culture:

  • We run towards problems.  We solve.  We follow-thu.
  • We are accountable to performance:  for ourselves, for our team, and for our customer relationships
  • We exhibit a strong command of customer communication and interpersonal skills
  • We don’t pretend to be perfect.  But we are self-aware.  We take ownership.  We improve.  We are confident.
  • People trust us for our track record of integrity, responsibility, and long-term view of our customer relationships
  • We practice a strong work ethic balanced with a healthy personal life

CRM Engagement Manager

CRM EVANGELIST, LLC is seeking individuals with qualifications to lead and deliver Salesforce CRM consulting engagements based in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth or Texas area.

Vertical subject matter knowledge of Manufacturing or Healthcare helpful.  Integration experience helpful.

Location: Greater Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas.  A flexible telecommuting position.

Position Type:  Full-time.

Requirements: Minimum 2 years as a salesforce.com consultant or 3 years as an administrator.  Three to five years experience is desirable.  Project management experience and interpersonal skills cannot be overstated.  The successful candidate will ideally have a Salesforce.com Certified Administrator or Salesforce.com Certified Sales Cloud or Salesforce.com Certified Service Cloud Consultant.  Candidates without one of these certifications will be considered but will be expected to pass an examination within 6 months of start date and prove product knowledge.

Compensation: Compensation is based on performance of billable hours delivered and accepted by clients, customer satisfaction, and sales incentives.  No cap on upside earnings compensation.  Base salary.  Medical/Dental Benefits.

Responsibilities: Engagement Manager will lead, manage, and deliver CRM related solutions to a portfolio of clients leveraging individual and team resources.  Consulting activities include scoping exercises, conducting BPR workshops, designing solutions, assembling & executing a project plan, delivering education, management of expectations and customer satisfaction.  Developer level skills not needed but will be available to contribute to a project plan as needed.

Culture: You think outside the box.  You’re resourceful.  You use what’s available and create what’s not available.  You don’t like punching a clock or being a cog in a wheel.  You’ve been micro-managed, supervised,  and controlled in the past and you hate that.  You’re confident and capable but have not always received recognition for your contributions.  Big brands like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft don’t attract you anymore because at the end of the day you’d rather do something that makes a difference.  And take more control in how you work and earn.  No more bosses that remind you that they are in charge.  You know what you want.  You have a personal life, and you like to live it.

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Onsite Lead Developer

CRM EVANGELIST, LLC is seeking individuals with qualifications to lead a team of developers. This position can be either as a dedicated Independent Contractor or as a full-time W2 employee. Candidates within the Dallas/Forth Worth Texas area are preferred.

Responsibilities include:

Lead, manage, and deliver Force.com & AppExchange development projects within a team structure. You will be one of four development leads each responsible for leading 3 offsite developers to convert requirements into a functional application. You will work under the direction of a Project Lead Architect and Project Technical Architect. Ability to work (80% client billable) and travel lightly (expenses paid) required.

Requirements include:

  • Bachelors Degree required in Business, Computer Science, or Software Engineering
  • 5+ years of experience managing external client projects
  • Object oriented programming background is required
  • Ability to lead a team, translate requirements into functional specifications required
  • Knowledge of enterprise systems (e.g., CRM, SFA, or ERP)
  • Salesforce or Force.com application experience required
  • Experience with Apex and Visual Force a plus but not required
  • Proven ability to design and optimize business processes as well as integrate across disparate systems
  • Experience with Enterprise Integration tools
  • 2+ years of development experience with Java, Javascript/HTML/CSS/AJAX, etc.
  • Ability to engage effectively at both the business and technical level
  • Experience with Agile methodology preferred but not required
  • Excellent communication skills written and verbal
  • Salesforce.com ADM 201 or DEV 401/501 certifications a plus

About our projects:

Please inquire.


  • Meet Project Deadlines and Deliverables
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Represent the company brand

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