Best CRM Software: What are the leading Customer Relationship Management software?

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Cloud CRM has changed the way people do business. Instead of being chained to the office, sales and marketing staff can easily utilize customer relationship management technology on the road. They can access it from anywhere using a mobile device even without an an internet connection. Most importantly, they can skip the infrastructure expense, maintenance, and time to focus on business goals performance.
Salesforce was the original large scale Cloud CRM provider. They were first to market successfully with a SaaS multi-tenant architecture and easy pricing model. And while they’re still considered the leader in the industry – for good reason – there are other companies who challenge the 100lb Gorilla for top quality products. Let’s take a look at the top 5 Cloud CRM products so you can begin your internal comparison project.


SalesForce Sales Cloud offers the greatest number of features. It’s also generally considered to be the easiest to use. It connects with Outlook and Microsoft Office, and supports a variety of functions including email marketing, case management, quotes and web integration. Prices range from $5/user/month to $250/user/month. It’s scalable to any size enterprise and all versions offer a limited free trial.

Sugar CRM

SugarCRM is an open source product. It’s scalable, which means both large and small companies can benefit from its many features. SugarCRM provides sales force automation, marketing campaigns, mobile CRM, social CRM, and reporting. Plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook, and Lotus Live are available. It also provides integrated email marking and document sharing. Prices range from $30/user/month to $100/user/month.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Like SalesForce and SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM also integrates with a number of business tools and software like Microsoft Outlook. It provides functionality in marketing, sales, and customer service areas including segmentation tools, real time sales forecasts and knowledge sharing. It’s a flexible product that costs $44/user/month.  It also offers a free trial.

How to Decide?

All of these solutions are viable products. They offer Cloud CRM benefits including security, reliability, and a quick up time. They all also offer data migration tools, version upgrades, database monitoring, and proactive development teams, which means they’re consistently striving to meet user demands and improve products and services. Check out the trial versions. Talk to other business owners and managers who utilize the software to gain insight.

Speak With a Consultant

CRM Experts can help you and your business make the best choice for your organization. They can provide you with inside information and a look to the future of any particular CRM solution. Because CRM consultants have close relationships with their partners, they can help align your needs with product developments. They can also take a look at your infrastructure and recommend the best solution for your needs.

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