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When I receive an in-app notification on my iPhone from Estimation, I click a button to preview the proposal.  With the necessary authorizations.  I send it with an follow-up task on the calendar – Sales

Proposal Automation

With a click of a button, automate the production of construction bid proposals and documents.  Save generated document in Project history.  Customize multiple versions of proposal templates.  Its easier now to send individualized proposals, especially when you need to bid multiple contractors to win the job!

  1. Merge data into Microsoft documents
  2. Customizing a choice of Proposal Templates
  3. Automate many other document forms used in construction like Change Order
  4. Manage multi-bid projects to competing General Contractors
  5. Easily send Owner Bid Proposals
  6. eSignature Options
  7. Streamline Follow-Up and Operational tasks with workflow

Update documents in Microsoft Office and upload for revisions to document templates.  Ensure your organization is using the latest and greatest versions, branding, contract terms, and quality company image.  Keep all document together for easy search retrieval in the cloud.

Price the Estimate in your favorite tool or BidBook.  Send it.  Follow-Up with the customer.  Close it.  Streamline Operations.

Proposal Templates

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Preview how to quickly generate a proposal

Contact us for advanced methods including:

  • Sending several General Contractor Bids for One Project
  • Customizing Templates
  • Contrac