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Operations Director

Project Award to Start

Project has been awarded !  Great.  Notifying the Ops Director we are ready to onboard a project.  The Director had been monitoring the project status in the sales pipeline.  And ready to satisfy the scheduling request.  View Promise Date and Available Resources.  Check. Matching Skills to Requirements.  Check.  Material Delivery Scheduled.  Check.  All Set !  I’ll monitor progress from here.


Job Walk

I see I’ve been assigned to a new project.  Reviewing details.  Requirements.  Files.  Job site Walk on the Calendar.  Time to go.  I’ll grab my truck keys and iPad.   Arrived onsite.  Uploading pictures from job walk.  Dictating a question to sales on the notepad and picture.  We’ll be ready.


Manage Assembly

Arriving on site after following directions from notification.  Foreman meets up with his Crew.  Clocks-In Crew resources.  Snaps a quick photo of the Crew and  Materials Delivered.  Posts a project report from his iPhone.  Work begins.


Trade Work

Following directions of the job assignment, crew member arrives at job site at the designated start time to meet up with the assigned Foreman.  Clocks-in / out.  The Foreman submits time-card change for the Payroll report run daily.

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