Many individuals have been managing their personal relationships on an iPhone, iPad, Mac or other Apple device. This consumer adoption has spread to the business enterprise as well. Just a few years ago Dell, IBM, and Blackberry dominated the enterprise as corporate standards. Now I see executives and managers carrying iPads like my three year old carries his blanket. In addition, the shift to cloud computing has truly changed today’s operating system to the browser.
Ten years ago CRM buyers asked questions like, “What are the server requirements?” and “Is it Oracle or Microsoft based?” Now CRM buyers want to know, “Through what mobile platforms can I access my data?” and “Can I seamlessly work from my laptop, to my iPad, to my smartphone without having to sync files or exchange thumb drives?”
I predict we’ll be seeing a lot more of Apple in the enterprise. CRM developers are responding as well by either creating CRM software native to the Apple iOS or modifying their web-based systems to run on Apple’s Safari browser. I came across a helpful article highlighting choices available to Apple minded CRM buyers. You will find it here — A Guide to Apple CRM Software. Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Oracle are among the favorites. What, no Microsoft CRM?
Enjoy the article.