CRM Success at Manufacturer, IDQ & Armor Auto Group

a Contact Center Implementation for Consumer Brands:  Armor All, STP, and AC/PRO

When even the best of ideas run into the law of unintended consequences, the demands created by those consequences can often be overwhelming. That’s what one leading manufacturer of automobile air conditioning maintenance and repair learned when it embarked on an “Ask the Pro” campaign that ended up leaving its call center virtually crippled.
When the company saw its service inquiries jolt upward by an astonishing 225 percent, it almost looked like its campaign had been too successful for its own good. That’s when they decided to, well, ask the pros and contact CRM Evangelist. This story shows how a situation that looked like a monumental problem ended up becoming a golden opportunity for marketing, education, and product development.
Armored Auto Group, manufacturer of brands like Armor All and STP, acquired IDQ and adopted their contact center processes for all global brands.