Service Cloud: Implement and Optimize

Using a Proven Methodology the CRM Evangelist team facilitates step-by-step processes for CRM Planning and Optimization.  Resulting in a solid foundation for a best practices implementation.

Rapid Implementation.  Optimization.  And continual improvement.

Download Quickstart & Optimization

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to decide whether a customer service implementation like the Salesforce® Service Cloud™ is right for your business or whether you are experiencing the pain of optimizing your existing system, CRM Evangelist can help rescue you and your business.

After speaking with a Salesforce® Service Cloud™ certified Consultant from CRM Evangelist, you may find that not only can you optimize your contact center to make your agents more effective but additionally partner/customer communities coupled with product knowledge bases can alleviate the load on your existing team.

Small to Medium Size Business’s

Service Cloud Quickstart are best for organizations with 10 users or fewer without integration requirements and prefer a packaged set of deliverables than a customized project plan to meet specific business requirements.

And for many small and medium-sized businesses who want to implement Salesforce CRM, the technology needs to be ready quickly while still being able to adapt to frequent changes after the initial implementation.

Different from the typical approach

Here we look at how CRM Evangelist’s two-milestone methodology that can help you rapidly set up the basics while trickling in additional improvements over time.

Enterprise Class Projects

Organizations greater than 20 users have additional needs and use enterprise class project templates. These needs often include requirements like:  computer telephony integration (CTI), global business brands, application integration, mature processes, other CRM applications.

After a project scoping exercise, these organizations receive a Best Practices Implementation Plan to address the unique needs of the enterprise.  We have delivered projects with hundreds of users.  Even more than a thousand.  Contact Us to schedule a personalized project plan.

Optimization and Advanced Features

If you haven’t aligned your CRM to your organization lately, consider an Assessment to determine CRM relevancy to your current state of operations.  Encourage adoption.  And maximize CRM business value.

Consider enabling these advanced Sales Cloud capabilities:

  • Agent Console
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Email, Web, Social Case Capture
  • Multi-media Knowledge Resolution
  • Call Scripting
  • Agent Analytics
  • Field Service Dispatch and Scheduling
  • Geomapping
  • Customer Community Portal


  • B2B Organizations should expect to budget $800 per user for a one-time turn-key implementation of 5 -100 users.  Or a 1:1 ratio of software license costs to professional implementation services for the initial implementation.
  • B2C organizations, please contact us for pricing as methods vary by industry.
  • Ongoing continual improvement should be planned for incorporating change.  Learn about CRM Peak Performance.
  • Appoint the role of a Salesforce Administrator at a ratio of 1 full-time employee at 40 Salesforce users.  Learn more about Perfect Hire.