CRM Peak-Performance™

Because your business never stops changing. Tune CRM to constant new demands in your hectic environment.

Less the cost of one full-time CRM Administrator and with rollover time, responsive account management, and a pool of resources.

Typical CRM adoption curve

Phase 1: High-energy start

Phase 2: Attention diverted

Phase 3: Neglect

Desired CRM adoption

Phase 1: High-energy start

Phase 2: Consistent, small, iterative improvements

Phase 3: Performance dashboards, business leader collaboration, processes embedded in

Who benefits from CRM Peak Performance?

Companies that find value in this program:

  • Experience low user adoption and frequent user complaints
  • Need to avoid adding new headcount to support
  • Perform significant manipulation of data in spreadsheets instead of automated reporting
  • Have changed processes, people, KPI goals, sales quotas, reporting and other, perhaps significantly, since the initial implementation of
  • Are staffed for data maintenance, not performance tuning
  • Cannot keep up with the need for configuration changes
  • Need to, but cannot take advantage of new feature upgrades

How does the program work?

CRM Evangelist has developed a flexible 10-point methodology for managing change in Rooted in our experience with hundreds of implementations, but customized for your particular business, CPP delivers low-risk, constant, incremental improvements. Your CRM Evangelist will spend time with you and your team throughout the year to assess changing needs and update your instance. Together, we will ensure that continues to deliver the agility, productivity, and relevance you need.

What is the timeline? What are the deliverables?

Deliverables occur throughout the year and include:

  • Ongoing configuration updates to your installation
  • Report and dashboard creation
  • Data quality analysis and reporting
  • Business process analysis
  • User feedback monitoring and analysis
  • Custom analysis of the latest upgrades, AppExchange applications, and which ones enable progress on your business roadmap
  • “Tips and tricks” workshops addressing your users’ questions

And much more, based on your situation and our team of experts.