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What our clients expect and receive

  • Transparent, professional, honest, collaborative, and responsive communication
  • “Best value” solutions delivered within budgetary and/or ROI parameters
  • Leveraging our prior experiences and best practices so we don’t start from scratch
  • Superior expertise using proven delivery methodologies
  • Delivering on our promised statement of work, including cost and project duration
  • Flexible billing by hour or project and a clear change management process
  • Visibility into work flow management and progress using online tools

We Are CRM Experts and CRM Industry Thought Leaders


Raymon Howington
Raymon HowingtonCEO - Chief Evangelist
Raymon is our fearless leader. We say he’s fearless because he sits on expert panels with Paul Greenberg and swims with sharks when he is not working with our clients to optimize their sales and marketing results.
Steven Johnson
Steven JohnsonCOO - Operations Evangelist
Steven is a Certified Project Manager and one of the few Salesforce Certified Solution Architects in Texas with more than 10 years experience. He makes sure that the solutions we deliver are on target, on budget, and on time. Sometimes it’s like herding cats, or so he claims.

Meet A Few of Our Expert CRM Consultants

Photo: Some of the CRM Evangelist Team of CRM Experts and Marketing Automation Experts

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