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Bid Invitation

Replace your Bid Log spreadsheet with automated capture of all Bid Invitation and Project Leads in one share database.  Bids are created in the Bid Inbox for review.  Email Contents, Attachments, and Sender information is parsed and captured.  Streamline Sales, Estimation, Finance, Operations.

  • Bids from email
  • Bids created manually
  • Closing and Win Loss

Everyone is updated real-time with tasks needed to win a project.  Bid Coordinator.  Finance


Alerting engineering to scope changes for review.

  • Create manually
  • Create from email addendum notification
  • Alerts

Missing scope changes can be costly.  By capturing each change on the project we can confidently avoid pricing mistakes to realize margins. – Estimation, Finance

Job Site Location

See project locations on Google Earth.

  • Google Earth
  • Directions
  • Distance Calculation

I can travel to project locations to take measurements.  And calculate material deliveries by capturing distance.  – Sales


Track competitors on projects you are bidding.

  • Hi / Low Bidders on Projects
  • Win / Loss History

We have Sales gather intelligence on projects so that Estimators can price bids to win – Finance


Automate the production of a bid proposals.  Save document in Project.  Streamline Operations and Finance tasks.

  • Merge data to a proposal document
  • Managing a multi-bid project for General Contractors
  • Single Owner Bids
  • Customizing the Proposal Template
  • eSignature Option

When I receive an in-app notification on my iPhone from Estimation, I click a button to preview the proposal.  With the necessary authorizations.  I send it with an follow-up task on the calendar – Sales


Estimate Projects for Bidding.

  • Material, Labor, SOV Database
  • Estimation and Change Orders
  • Selection and/or Copy Template
  • Import Estimate (Spreadsheet or Tool)
  • Material List Integration (AutoCad)
  • Costing Estimate.  Markup & Margins
  • Include supplier bids

I can upload takeoff documents.  Price line items with desired margins.  Alert sales its ready to bid.  And email a material list for purchasing – Estimator

Working with General Contractors

Know your customer before making that call.  General Contractors.  Owners.  Influencers.

  • Bid History
  • Win Loss
  • Contact Activity
  • Engagement Plans
  • Project Publishing

When I followup on estimates, I’m able to discuss multiple projects in the same call.  And share the conversation with the team. – Sales

List Views

Customize List Views to manage lists, work queues, and project progression.

  • Create
  • Filter
  • Export
  • Kanban

I customize my own list views for the information I want to see. – Bid Coordinator

Managing Suppliers

Invite suppliers to bid on your project.  Build a unique experience with your supply chain to capture demand using customizable SMS and Email workflows.

  • Manage estimates and the selection process
  • How to manage supplier contacts
  • Send and Captures Invitations to Bid
  • Manage Documents & Purchase Orders

Getting estimates from suppliers is way easier than before.  And integrated into my estimating process. –  Estimator

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