Salesforce Professional Services

When You Need Salesforce #CRM #Experts

you also need:

  • Industry Best Practices

  • Prior project experience from lessons learned

  • Expert knowledge system integration
  • Customized service packages

  • Adoption process’s that align with your business needs

  • Fanatical CRME services


Unlock the potential of Salesforce cloud
technology with services designed to innovate business.

How We Roll-out Projects ?

1 – Pick a cloud.  Or business improvement. 

2 – Consider an Industry Template

3 – Subscribe to a Services program. 

4 – We get  working.

Design Discussion

Business processes are the tried and true methods that your company has developed to make itself successful. Any CRM solution needs to build upon these processes if it is to be successful at your company. With the help of a professional process engineer, your business processes can be mapped quickly and easily in as little as a day. At the end of the process, not only will you have a method to map your business processes to your CRM solution. And you will also have tools to facilitate training of your sales teams on how your company does business.

Upon completion of the Design Workshop and Business Process Review, Consultant will prepare a Solution Design Document and/or a Project Charter to guide the overall implementation and configuration of the Application.

Once your business processes are mapped, our systems engineers configure your CRM system to support your business processes, helping to ensure that your sales team can get up andBuild running quickly on processes that should already be very familiar to them.

Ensuring a smooth transition to a CRM solution means making sure your company’s data is ready to move into the new system. Whether migrating data from an existing set of databases or bringing in new data purchased from a third party provider, we provide a range of data management

services from basic imports using wizards to complex data de-duping and enrichment using third party tools.

  • StatusRegularly scheduled status meetings to manage budget, timeline, activities, issues, & risks.
  • Project collaboration and file sharing.
  • Real time access to development environment.
  • Real time access to case management systems

Data Migration

Initial data import from existing contact management systems like ACT! and Goldmine, an ERP Customer Master or even from various databases or excel spreadsheets. CRM Evangelist helps you to define a plan for getting that critical information into your new CRM application. This includes documenting the source and target mapping as well as loading the data and then validating the data once in your CRM.  De-duplication services are a critical component to data management. The integrity of your data will instill trust in your users and provide an accurate view into your business results.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  • Test Scripts created from Use Cases & requirementsUAT
  • CRME guides Client on test script creation
  • Client performs tests, documents results and provides feedback for next iteration

Public Training at Irvine Training Center

Your company has specific business processes and needs that require a training solution customized to your business. We can help you to develop customized instruction and simulations to train your employees to your specific business goals. And measure the completion and effectiveness of both the training and your project goals.

Professional development, training, and documentation services can go a long way to helping to provide a smooth transition to a new business process for your company, but in the end, we are there to provide the support you need when you take your new system live or make the switch to a solution.

Peak Performance, Continual Improvement and Eventual User Adoption

Just like learning a new golf swing, a short period of learning and assimilation precedes reaching your goals. The project team must be responsive to the business request for fine tuning tactical improvements to your application. Also, your business doesn’t stop changing after a CRM implementation. New people, processes, initiatives create new demands for And, releases 2 major upgrades every year.

Your CRME project manager and project executive will work with you on a change management plan to ensure the application continues to meet the needs of your business. CRME may provide ongoing support, change management and application improvements after the last day of training

Schedule milestone review meetings, conduct user surveys, and make configuration tweaks to improve usability and performance based on user feedback as described in the CRM Peak Performance service.

Packaged Services

Whether you are Experienced and Eager.  New to Salesforce® or CRM.  Or simply don’t have the time.  Consider a service program to get you across the goal-line.  No matter your experience level or project size.

Your Customers.  Your Processes.  Your Industry Terms.  Your MetricsData.  And Your People Trained.