Simplify and streamline your processes with ERP integrations for Salesforce.

Listed below are some functionalities that we find our customers in the Construction & Manufacturing Industry commonly use.

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Customer Master

Sync Your Customers

Know Your Customer

New Customer from Salesforce Created in your ERP

Product Master

Synch products and pricebooks

Market Installbase. Quote.

If you are planning to quote inside of Salesforce we can bring in your Price Books and Products.

Quote & Orders

Sync Order Line Detail, Invoices, RMAs

Order Variance YTD

View order history, predict frequency, set account targets, YTD Actuals, product mix.

Use Cases for Construction and Manufacturing

  • Sales Order Line Item Detail

    Invoice Line Item Detail

    Payments Line Item Detail

    Shipping Information

    Serial or Lot # Invoicing

    Inventory Availability by Warehouse or Region

  • Cases and Assets

    New Customer from Salesforce Created your ERP

    Sales Orders from Salesforce Synced to your ERP


    Billing of Materials (BOM)

  • Multi-location Inventory Availability

    Routings to Determine Build Availability

    Estimate Custom Engineered BOM Costs or Jobs

    Custom Tables & Objects

 ERP Integration Mappings

  • Aptean