Salesforce (CPQ) Quote-to-Cash:  Implement & Optimize

CRM Evangelist ‘s implementation packages allows you to begin using Salesforce CPQ™ soon and hit the ground running.

Rapid Implementation. Optimization.

And continual improvement of your Quote to Cash process.

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The average business leader on average implements one or two CRM projects in their entire career.  We’ve done it hundreds of times.  So, when the time comes for your organization to think about Salesforce processes:

  • Quoting Automation
  • Configure Price Quoting (CPQ) and
  • Quote to Cash

Save time and money.  Relax with professional experience in your corner.

Through our implementation experience, we’ve discovered the best practices to give you a fast return on your investment and lay the groundwork for long-term success, while securing long term adoption and performance with our CRM Peak Performance subscription.  These recommended packages allow you to begin using Salesforce CPQ immediately upon project completion and provide a solid foundation for your future business goals.

To suit the needs of a range of clients, we offer three packages that cover basic configurations to advanced implementations for rapid benefit.  And CRM Peak Performance subscription for longer term adoption, improvement and ROI.

How do I get started ?

After an assessment and project scoping exercise, your organizations will receive a Best Practices Quote Automation Improvement & Implementation Plan to accelerate will scaling your business.  We have delivered hundreds of projects. Contact Us to schedule a personalized assessment.

What is CPQ ?

CPQ (configure, price, quote) is a term commonly used for the process leading up to generating a sales proposal for companies offering complex product and service combinations.

CPQ software helps companies configure complicated product offerings, price them in such a way that the correct discounting and bundling rules apply to products or sets of products, and create fast, accurate quotes based on that information. CPQ software ideally can bridge the gap between front and back end systems, and take companies from lead to order, or all the way from lead to cash.


It improves the B2B buying experience by selling the right products, at the right price, to the
right customer, at the right time, and in the buyers’ preferred channel. CPQ’s benefits also extend to operational efficiencies. it shortens the time-to-market for new offerings, decreases seller ramp time, automates complex back-office sales processes in the front-office, and reduces costly pricing errors. –  Forrestor Wave Feb 7th, 2017

Quote to Cash Process for Revenue Enablement


Ongoing continual improvement should be planned for incorporating change. Learn about CRM Peak Performance.

Appoint the role of a Salesforce Administrator at a ratio of 1 full-time employee at 40 Salesforce users. Learn more about Perfect Hire.

If you haven’t aligned your CRM to your organization lately, consider an overall CRM Assessment to determine CRM relevancy to your current state of operations. Encourage adoption. And maximize CRM business value.

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