Netchex Customer Engagement Center:  Salesforce Implementation Success


Many businesses discover the need for Salesforce CRM functionality when they have an internal problem that uncovers a weakness.

But what if your company’s CEO decides to set a goal that was, as he put it, “on a scale we have never done before”?

The Goal

What if that goal is to take your company to the next level by not only meeting, but far exceeding every single client’s expectations? That’s what happened at Netchex, a company that specializes in a variety of human resource-related services including payroll services.


When Salesforce CRM referred Netchex to CRM Evangelist, it took just nine weeks to go from initial planning and consultation to implementation and success.  A today, the entire customer lifecycle is managed with Salesforce Clouds including:  Pardot, Sales Cloud, Quote and Contract Automation, Service Cloud, and Customer Communities.

You can read what Netchex leaders had to say about their experience.

“CRM Evangelist helped us find the low hanging fruit that we could get to and turn around quickly to more effectively increase revenue.”, CEO Netchex